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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "How many sessions do I need?"

    A: That depends on your goals and needs.  For most healthy people, a series of 10 sessions is enough create significant, long-lasting results.  Some people feel satisfied with fewer sessions and some individuals recognize that they could benefit from more.  If your goal is just to eliminate a specific pain, that often happens in just a few sessions (sometimes even in the first session), but if you want the pain to stay gone, you'll likely need to do more sessions in order to resolve the patterns in your body that led to the pain.

Q: "What is the 10-Series?"

    A: The human body can only handle so much work in one session, so the 10-Series is designed to work on different areas of the body in each of the 10 sessions.  Through this holistic approach, every area of the body is affected at a rate that it can comfortably accept.  Because everyone is different, clients will notice different things during each session.  Some clients notice amazing changes right away, but other clients may notice great improvement during the later sessions.


Q: "What should I wear?"

    A: Because I need to see and be able to work with most of your body, most male clients wear boxer briefs (not boxer shorts).  Most female clients wear underwear, bra, sports bra, jogging shorts, or a bikini swimsuit.  Any other variations will need to be discussed with me ahead of time.  Thongs are not appropriate.  At no time will a client be nude during any session.


Q: "How much does it cost?"

    A: The rate for one session is $165.  Payment is due at the end of each session.  Currently I offer a 10% discount if you pay for 3 or more sessions at once. 

Q: "What form of payment do you prefer?"

    A: I am able to accept cash, check, or credit cards, though I prefer cash or check.


Q: How long is a session?

    A: Sessions typically last 60-80 minutes.  


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